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Welcome back Mr Billson - great news!

COSBOA today is very pleased with the news, if confirmed, that Bruce Billson will become the next Australian Small and Family Business Ombudsman (ASFBEO).

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated "firstly let us express our deep thanks to Kate Carnell, the outgoing ASBFEO, for the work that she has done. We will issue a more detailed account of her achievements closer to her date of leaving. We have been quite worried about who would replace Ms Carnell and we are very pleased indeed that it will very likely be Bruce Billson.”

COSBOA identifies Mr Billson as one of the best performed Small Business Ministers in Australia’s history. He achieved remarkable outcomes for the small business community. This includes profound and necessary changes to unfair contract terms, a major increase in the threshold for ‘instant tax write-off’ that continues to this day and the championing of necessary changes in competition policy, the first in many years, that provided more certainty for small businesses. There were many more and we know Mr Billson will continue the fight as our Ombudsman.

Mr Strong added “Mr Billson is also noted for his energy, his unrelenting focus on the changes needed, and for being the first small business minister in cabinet solely dedicated to the cause of some 3 million small and family business folk who between them employ almost 5 million other folk. We look forward to supporting him in this important position and the continued championing of small business people.”



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