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Draft Designated Complaints Determination

COSBOA welcomes the Government’s Designated Complaints Determination, however, strongly recommends Government consider flexibility in the draft determination to ensure that entities deemed designated complainants are given the opportunity to make complaints without unreasonable and unrealistic barriers.

COSBOA understands that a balance must be found in ensuring that the ACCC is not overwhelmed and is able to respond to designated complaints alongside its other functions and compliance and enforcement work, COSBOA considers some of the limitations go against the policy intent of the legislation to protect those consumers or small businesses affected by significant or systemic market issues.


Small businesses require support and an organisation that advocates for their needs.

COSBOA will be applying to become a Designated Complainant when applications open.

See full submission here.

For media enquiries or interviews, please contact COSBOA at or call (+61) 433 644 097.


Luke Achterstraat


Chief Executive Officer


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