Current Projects

COSBOA is running several successful projects with some awesome delivery partners  - check them out below!

Future Female Entrepreneurs Program

This program is aimed at encouraging girls and young women aged 10 to 24 to participate and develop skills in entrepreneurship, design thinking and technology. The Academy for Enterprising Girls is aimed at 10-18-year-olds and includes an e-learning platform and a series of workshops held across regional and metro areas of Australia. The Accelerator for Enterprising Women is aimed at 18-24-year-olds and includes a digital launch pad platform and national summit events.

Go Local First

COSBOA is delivering a campaign to support local small and family businesses and encourage consumer spending locally, with small enterprises first. We need you with us.

Small businesses are the soul of our local communities and the backbone of our economy. Small and family businesses contribute over a third of Australia’s GDP and employ nearly half of Australia’s workforce. Supporting these enterprises through the current crisis and beyond is vital to help stem the economic downturn.

National Innovation Games

Paddl Co developed Paddl Games in response to the critical need to prepare emerging talent for work and to promote collaboration between businesses and education institutions. They're now taking place on a national level as the National Innovation Games.