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Small Business Power Research Report: Small business perspectives on the effectiveness of COVID-19 energy protections and support 

7 June 2022

Submission: Supporting Resilience Through Regulatory Responsiveness: Lessons from COVID-19 and Other Shocks

27 May 2022

The Small Business Perspective 2022: A survey & review of the events, responses & impact of COVID-19 over 12 months from industry leaders

11 April 2022

Considerations for reopening in 2021

28 September 2021

Policy on Workplace Vaccination

17 August 2021

Business Rebuilder Proposal: a post-lockdown cashflow assistance program

2 August 2021

Communique: Financial assistance measures for the Delta variant lockdowns

26 July 2021

Communique: “Never been a better time for unskilled workers” – the current Labour force challenges for SMEs.

31 March 2021

The Small Business Perspective: a survey and review of the events, responses and impact of COVID-19 over 12 months from leaders representing ~800k Australian small businesses

23 March 2021

Updated 8 April 2021 with minor editing.


Timeline of government responses to COVID-19

15 March 2021

Communique: small business associations ready to support the Vaccine roll-out. Workplace relations issues still to be confronted

15 February 2021

Communique: SMEs impacted by localised COVID-19 lockdowns (and related border closures) need timely support in 2021

12 January 2021


Communique: Sydney Christmas Outbreak

21 December 2020

Final communique of 2020

7 December 2020

The Long and Winding Road to Recovery - Updated

3 November 2020

Communique: Beyond the September Cliff

8 October 2020

Communique: Confidence is Crucial to the Recovery Process

1 October 2020

Communique: Recovery, Insolvency and Mental Health Practices

24 September 2020


Communique: SME Economic Recovery Rates Likely to be Mixed and Victoria Remains a Priority

17 September 2020

Communique: the role of up-to-date information in change management and policy development

11 September 2020


Communique: The Victorian Government must immediately move to minimise business and job destruction

7 September 2020

Communiqué: The Post COVID-19 Ecosystem for SME Finance

2 September 2020


Communiqué: Time to "Build Back Better"

27 August 2020

Communiqué: Mental health and insolvency challenges for SMEs

21 August 2020

Communiqué: Beyond COVID: some thoughts on economic recovery

13 August 2020

Communiqué: Doing business and living with COVID-19

6 August 2020

POSITION PAPER: Policy responses required to support SMEs in Stage 4 lockdown

4 August 2020

Communiqué: Managing an SME in the face of a second outbreak
23 July 2020
Submission to the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission:
The Long and Winding Road to Recovery, Beyond September
17 July 2020
Communiqué: The Long and Winding Road that is COVID-19
16 July 2020
Communiqué: Technology, Competition and (as always) Workplace Relations
8 July 2020
Communiqué: Avoiding the September Cliff for SMEs
2 July 2020
COVID-19 Economic Recovery Blue Print
1 July 2020
Communiqué: Business Cost Escalation and Growing IR Risk
23 June 2020
Communiqué: Mental well-being and the Road Out
19 June 2020
Communiqué: SME Recovery and the JobKeeper Transition
10 June 2020
Communiqué: Supporting Economic Recovery for SMEs

3 June 2020

COVID-19 Economic Recovery Blue Print
28 May 2020
Communiqué: Early Issues Impacting SME Recovery
27 May 2020
Communiqué: To September 2020 and Beyond

6 May 2020

Communiqué: Business Disruption Challenges

30 April 2020

Communiqué: The Gap

21 April 2020

Communiqué: Staying Connected

7 April 2020

Communiqué: Managing through Partial or Full Business Closure

1 April 2020

Communique: Managing Economic Shutdown for COVID-19

26 March 2020

Detailed Recommendations for Small Business
Communique: Developing an Economic Response to COVID-19 

4 March 2020

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