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About Us

At COSBOA, we champion responsiveness, respectful public policy debate, fact-based advocacy, constructive stakeholder relationships, ethical employment practices, and fairness for all Australian enterprises. We understand that finding the right fit is about more than just professional background; it's about aligning with our team’s values and vision. It’s about not hating going into work in the morning, being able to honestly and compassionately engage with your coworkers and having a work life balance.

What We’re Looking For

We place significant value in our people and their contributions. We believe the key to a productive and successful team lies not only in individual expertise but, more importantly, in how well each member fits within our team dynamic. We are seeking someone who embodies competence, independence, and the capacity for open, honest engagement in a small team setting.

At COSBOA, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and dynamic team with backgrounds as varied as anthropology, case management, advocacy, retail, and policy development. This diversity fuels our approach to working smarter not harder and our ability to punch above our weight as an organisation. 

Work-life balance is something we hold dear, and we strive to support each other to ensure that none of us veers towards burnout. While we recognise that we are not perfect, our commitment lies in building the most enjoyable, productive, and authentic workplace we can, for position openings see below.

Policy Industrial Relations Specialist

Shape the future of policy and impact real change: Join us as a Policy IR Specialist, where your expertise meets innovation and strategy.

For more information find the position description here.

To apply send your curriculum vitae and resume to
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