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Chief Executive Officer

An exciting and challenging role exists for the person who has the skills, passion and attributes to be the voice for small business organisations.

This person will be someone who wants to make a difference and is an enthusiastic and experienced leader.  

The Chief Executive Officer will lead the organisation to achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation. These include to advocate for the small business community providing a credible voice for Small Business.

The role comes with a profile within the Australian political and media landscape and as a spokesperson for the small business community.  

The Chief Executive Officer will work with the COSBOA board, members, stakeholders and industry.


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COSBOA Office Administrator

The Office Administrator is a varied and exciting role.  In a small team environment, the Office Administrator will have flexibility and control over the areas of work  in line with skill set.  No two days are the same with a mix of core activities as well as project support day-to-day.

A core part of the team culture is trust and flexibility – this flexible, part-time opportunity allows space for creatively making the role their  own.

The Office Administrator will work with the COSBOA team.


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