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#DownloadtheApp - COVIDSafe

Who wants to once again hug a loved one? #DownloadtheApp

COSBOA calls on Australians to download the COVIDSafe app. We need our economy to be able to recover and we cannot do that until the medical experts say it is safe to ease the current restrictions.

The app will increase safety for workers, customers, business owners and the general population. It is a good and essential health need. When safety is proven then we may be able to ease the squeeze. The information is stored on servers located in Australia. No government information can be stored outside Australia.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated “the current restrictions make it difficult and in too many cases impossible to do business and employ people. But we need the restrictions in place to save lives and keep our society safe and healthy. We may be able to lift the restrictions once enough people use the COVIDSafe app and it eventually shows, through data collected, that we can ease restrictions and be safe.”

Mr Strong added ‘the fear of invasion of privacy while understandable for some makes no sense given that all sorts of other private sector and social media apps already know most things about us. These apps know where we are, where we are going and how often we go there, what we eat and drink, how often we buy certain things, our personal views on a lot of issues, our age, our sizes, which sports teams we support and so forth. Sharing very basic information on whether or not we were near someone with COVID or, if a person is a COVID carrier, who was near them - is necessary. This is simple safety that might mean it is sooner not later that we can meet once again, and we can hug our loved ones.”

Mr Strong also added ‘the fear of invasion of privacy by government will be confronted by our democratic processes. This will be dealt with by the ALP and indeed by the Coalition who have members who will watch every step of the way. There is also independents in the Senate and in the House of who will make sure there is no breach of privacy.

Finally, we have the other major part of democracy – the media. We have: News Corp, Fairfax Media, The ABC, Crikey and, Private Media outlets, The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, The Conversation, SkyNews, Sky after Dark, various and many radio stations, major TV news and current affairs shows and so forth – quite a big list. They keep governments honest.”

The COSBOA executive ask that people download the COVIDSafe App – now.



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