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Small business owners ‘relieved’ by the result of the election

COSBOA today congratulated Scott Morrison on achieving an outcome for the election that few predicted, stating that the overwhelming response of small business owners was one of quiet relief.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, said “The result gives certainty to the small business community. It is a strong rejection of the far left but it also asks the new Coalition government to moderate the extremism of the far right within its own ranks."

The surprise result demonstrates the on-going importance of the small business voting block. Less than 3 weeks from polling day, a Sensis survey showed that some 42% of the self-employed would vote for the coalition and that 35% were still to make up their mind. It certainly appears that most of these undecided people voted for the Coalition in the end.”

COSBOA and its members are very pleased that small business people can get back to work knowing that big unions will not be interfering in their operations, that many ordinary Australians will get a tax break that they will hopefully spend to grow the economy, and that small business people themselves will also benefit from changes to the tax system. COSBOA also wants the strengthening of unfair contract regulation to occur quickly, which would add to the growing confidence of the small business community.

Mr Strong added “We shouldn’t forget that as much as it was a surprise, the Coalition only just got across the line. We believe that this sends a further message that the new government must limit the influence of the far right within its own ranks and address the vitally important issue of national energy and climate change policy. Energy policy cannot be meaningfully addressed without simultaneously addressing climate policy. There is an urgent need to develop national consensus on this issue if we are to prevent sharp increases in energy prices in the future – not just in the next 2 years.”

Peter Strong added “We look forward to working with the Government on positive change that strengthens the economy – not just maintains it – as Australia’s 2.5 million small business owners (and their more than 4 million employees) prepare for the economic challenges that lie ahead.”

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