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Scrap the employment services & start again

Employment Services is a $1.28B waste

COSBOA called on the government to completely revamp the government-funded employment services program

Peter Strong, case CEO, COSBOA attended a conference on Long Term Unemployment yesterday where he called for the establishment of a government-run National Employment Network or a change from tendering of the provision of employment services to a grants-based approach.

Mr. Strong stated that “no one should become a millionaire on the back of long term unemployed people. The system also does not provide the services needed to the small business community. Only 10% of employers are using these services which cost $1.28 billion of tax funds and many of them are probably big businesses.

This is well and truly connected to the waste of at least $1b in the vocational training sector.”

COSBOA and its members are in the best position to spot and report government waste and the employment services are just that. Efficient employment services are essential for those struggling to find jobs and for those seeking to give others an opportunity.

Peter Strong added “we need to empower communities and business communities to do what is needed to create jobs and skill our current and future workforce”.

Mr Strong also added "this may seem odd for a business group to condemn a process that uses the private sector to provide services. The fact is that private sector businesses who use their own money to run a business need to get the services they need from government funded services and that is not happening when only 10% of businesses are using the service. Change the system to make it work."

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