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Pay on time - Send your supporting statement

There is now a campaign to get all businesses to pay their invoices on time.

For this to happen we need the leaders of our biggest companies (and medium businesses too) to make public statements that they will always pay on 30 day terms. We will publish the names of companies who commit to prompt payment of invoices. We suggest the following statements as examples of what could be issued:

"We (insert company name) will be paying our invoices to small businesses and independent contractors by at least 30 days from receipt of the invoice, stuff we will have this practice in place by June 2018."

Statement authorised by: CEO or CFO


"We (insert company name) are pleased to support small business suppliers by paying them within 30 days of receipt of their invoices."

Statement authorised by: CEO or CFO

Or versions of those statements. See below for the names of companies who do pay on time and those that will - nice work. We will also eventually list those companies that refuse to follow good business practices - they hold back the economy and make life more difficult than it should be for our small business people who we value so much.

Aldi pays on time - thank you

Vodafone have committed to paying their small business customers and contractors on time - thank you

This page has only started today, there is more to come.........

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