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We must stand up and follow the lead of the National Cabinet.

COSBOA is profoundly thankful to the National Cabinet, to the Prime Minister and Treasurer, to the premiers and chief ministers for the historic, comprehensive and sobering support package announced today. We commit to match that leadership as best we can; we are all in this together and the government has shown it is up to managing this crisis and so must be the small business community.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated “we are all facing our greatest crisis since World War Two. The government is focused on our health and being able to recover quickly when the crisis wanes. It has listened to all the groups it has consulted and has shown it understands the real issues: the need for cash, for our employees to be looked after, for insolvency laws to change to suit this new situation and for sole traders to be able to continue on where they can and be supported where they cannot. Giving people access to some of their own superannuation funds during a crisis also make a lot of sense. The doubling of Newstart and loosening of the rules is also a necessary message for us all – that we will be looked after.”

"We have to respond to that and follow instructions as well as support each other in what will be hard times. Small business people should do all they can to survive to get to the other end of this crisis but they must continue to do all they can for their staff and community.”

Further details will be provided as COSBOA and its members work through the information as part of the announcement. More to come.



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