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Please Download the COVIDSafe App

We have a quick message for you today: download the COVIDSafe app. You don't have to do it, and you can't require your employees to do it, but please just download it.

6 million Australians have downloaded the app, but we need a lot more than this for it to be effective. If you want to have a party or hug your mum, please download it.

No, the app isn't perfect, but they're trying to improve it. If you have questions and concerns about the app, you can probably find your answer in one of the Pearcey foundation's papers on it or in their recorded online seminar.

They released an initial report on 28 April, and then followed it up with a response paper on 7 May that addresses questions related to safety, security, legal and legislative safeguards, and more.

Please also update the app if you downloaded it awhile ago. It should look like the one on the right of the picture, not the one on the left.



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