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Independent contractors or freelancers - defend your rights

COSBOA in partnership with other business groups has launched a campaign to defend the rights of hundreds of thousands of independent contractors and self-employed tradies to be their own boss.

The Federal Government is proposing a raft of serious industrial relations changes, including an ‘employee-like’ policy that could see businesses across the economy caught out.

More than 1.1 million people choose to be independent contractors in Australia. To tie up the ability to run your own business doesn’t just impact the contractor, it impacts us all.

The impacts on the small business community cannot be understated if this policy is implemented. A fact sheet can be found here.

It is well understood that many people choose to work as independent contractors to give them the flexibility and freedom to choose their hours, the projects they work, who they work for, and negotiate their fees and conditions.

Under these new laws, independent contractors could find themselves subject to ‘employee-like’ changes, ultimately forcing them to relinquish their autonomy and become employees – impacting not only their freedoms but increasing obligations for small businesses.

We know small businesses are doing it tough, and these changes introduce uncertainty, commercial risk, and negative consequences for the community and consumers.

Before this legislation is introduced next month, we have an opportunity to be vocal and raise our concerns with a united voice, but we need your help!

Business owners and the broader community can support the campaign by:

· Filling in the survey

· Sharing how these proposed reforms will affect you on social media

Visit to access all of the above.

As an industry association, you are invited to join the campaign and inform your members.

If you are interested in being an official partner, please contact Dee Zegarac, National Director, Media & Public Affairs, Master Builders Association on 0400 493 071. The campaign team will be able to provide you with personalised/branded material to share with your members and on social media.

A webinar will be held in the coming weeks to provide more detail on the changes. Subscribe to the website for campaign updates:



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