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Election Policy Comparison Table Released

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Today COSBOA is pleased to be able to share a comparison table of the Coalition and Labor's small business policies ahead of this weekend's federal election. We have examined 12 policy areas:

  • Workforce shortages - skilled migration

  • Workforce shortages - workforce development, skills, and productivity

  • Cost of doing business - supply chain costs/ inflation

  • Cost of doing business - energy prices

  • Cost of doing business - merchant fees

  • Industrial relations

  • Competition

  • Better regulation and tax reform

  • Digitisation

  • Disaster preparedness

  • Mental health and other support

  • Procurement.

The policies are accompanied by COSBOA's positions and scoring. There has been good bi-partisan support for many of the major issues, but we encourage you to read the table yourself and make up your own mind. The scores are meant to provoke discussion only, not tell people how to vote.

Watch our CEO discuss the top small business issues in the video below.


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