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COSBOA Statement of Intent

COSBOA has always been committed to strong advocacy for the interests and needs of small businesses at every juncture and opportunity.

However, to address the recent attention, we have articulated COSBOA’s intents into a publicly accessible document.

The COSBOA Statement of Intent describes the organisation’s purpose which is to advocate for small business – the backbone of the economy – and to have a voice distinct from big business to government, policy makers and the community.

The Statement of Intent has been circulated widely to all members, who have had the opportunity to provide feedback and amends to the document, which many did.

The Statement of Intent is fully endorsed by the Board of COSBOA.

On the release of the statement, Matthew Addison, Chair COSBOA said: “COSBOA’s role has always been to listen to stakeholders, and to the guide the creation of an ideal policy environment, one in which small businesses and their particular circumstances are recognised, fully included and empowered to grow and thrive. This has not and won’t change.

“Our Statement of Intent is a collegially determined document that articulates publicly what we have always stood for,” said Addison.

Alexi Boyd, CEO COSBOA said: “The work of COSBOA is to do the hard work of ensuring there is equity and fairness in the system, and to advocate for flexibility, and fit-for-purpose models for small business operators.

“We do and have always listened to various stakeholders, to understand how we can make things better, easier and more effective for small businesses.

“Because where our systems benefit small business, they will be more productive, and enable growth that everyone can benefit from,” said Boyd.

COSBOA Statement of Intent is available here .


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