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Congratulations to the Australian Research Council for its small business foresight

COSBOA today congratulates the Australian Research Council (ARC) on its appointment of COSBOA Chairman Mark McKenzie to its Advisory Council. This appointment demonstrates that the ARC values the small business community and wants to know our needs and opinions.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, said today ‘the ARC has a profound influence upon the future of Australia. It approves and promotes the research that we need as a society to continue to grow and change and also confront new ideas and new challenges. The ARC harnesses the intelligence of our community and with Mark McKenzie’s appointment they have acknowledged the capacity and needs of small business people.”

This appointment also highlights the capacity of COSBOA and its members. We represent a broad cross section of society. This includes industries under constant change such as the book industry, industries that are key to local culture such as hairdressing and local retailers, and industries that are our future such as human resources, finance management and transport. Our connection to higher education and research is normally overlooked but the ARC has shown great foresight and understanding of society by including a small business expert on its council and we congratulate Mark on his appointment.

Mark McKenzie stated “It is an great honor to sit on the council alongside such eminent people and I am excited to be have been given such a tangible opportunity to provide a voice for the Australian small business community in such an important forum. Australian researchers are undoubtedly some of the best in the world and to work with them in championing research that helps make Australian businesses more effective in the face of continuous change, is a great opportunity.”

Peter Strong added “this is also a great message to other key agencies and organisations, they need to closely embrace the small business community through experts like Mark McKenzie if they are to understand all of our society’s needs.”

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Mark Mckenzie, Chairman of COSBOA

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