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Congratulations to senator Katy Gallagher on the small business role

COSBOA today congratulated Bill Shorten on the appointment of Senator Katy Gallagher

Peter Strong CEO of COSBOA said today “We welcome the appointment of Katy into the role and also the continuation of Julie Owens, sick the Member for Parramatta, in the Assistant Minister’s role. This is a strong team and my own experience in dealing with Katy in her role as Chief Minister of the Australian Capital

Territory and more recently as a Senator for the ACT will make our relationship start on the right note.

COSBOA knows the importance of having all sides of politics focus on the needs of the 3 million small business people who hold up the economy and also provide employment and succor for over 4.5 million other Australians and their families.

Peter Strong added “I have already spoken to Julie and congratulated her and have a meeting with Senator Gallagher on Wednesday to discuss our key policy issues.”

Key policy issues are around Competition, Workplace Relations, Telecommunications, B2B communications, health, Training, financing and superannuation. Further information visit our website.

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