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The Gobbledygook Cup


Finally an award for the worst red tape in Australia. Let's name and shame those red tape failures. The worst of the worst will win the Gobbledygook Cup.  Who will win the inaugural cup?

​If you'd like to nominate your favourite worst piece of red tape tell us by emailling with "Gobbledygook Cup" in the subject line or fill out the form below.


See the early nominations here!


COSBOA understands the need for regulation, and in the main our regulators here in Australia are world class (not perfect, mind). Yet sometimes policy makers come up with stupid things - unnecessary layers of bureaucracy, or "red tape" that places a burden on small business people and through that harms the economy. All levels of government - federal, state and local - and even some non government organisations (shadow regulators, we like to call them) can create problems - big problems. Let's get 'em.

Tell us about some of the worst red tape you've encountered

Thanks for submitting!

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