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Future Female Entrepreneurs Program

In 2019 COSBOA and its delivery partner, 89 Degrees East, secured funding from the Office for Women for the Future Female Entrepreneurs Program. The program was officially launched on 4 December 2019 by the Federal Treasurer and ran throughout 2020. It was recently extended until 2023 with funding from the Federal Government’s Women’s Leadership and Development Grant. The program also expanded in 2021 to include an Accelerator for Enterprising Women aimed at 18-24-year-olds.

The program is aimed at equipping young women aged 10 to 24 with skills in entrepreneurship, design thinking, and technology. It’s a program created for girls by girls.

The Academy for Enterprising Girls includes a digital e-learning platform, a program of workshops held across regional and metro areas around Australia, a hub of digital resources (including a YouTube channel), and education resources for teachers.

The Accelerator for Enterprising Women includes a national kickstarter challenge and series of national summit events, the first of which was held in March 2021 at the University of Technology Sydney. It will also include incubator workshops, a digital launchpad platform and an inspiring content series.

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