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The Long and Winding Road to a New Economy

COSBOA has launched its recommendations for combatting the effects of the pandemic.

This is titled "The Long and Winding Road to Recovery, Beyond September” and it clearly sees the essential role small business will play in leading the economic recovery.

Given there has already been a second wave and we can expect further impacts from COVID, we know this will be a long and winding road to recovery. Let's ensure that road is lined with thriving, local businesses dealing with change and being successful.

COSBOA and its members have held weekly meetings since March to share the experiences from over a million small business during COVID-19. We have seen great ingenuity, innovation, resilience, and grit from those in the small business community. These are people who employ over half the country’s workers.

Our local shops, or manufacturers, or service providers, are relied upon to keep communities and economies healthy. In tough times, local small businesses are rapid to respond and re-tool. They are imaginative and resourceful, but not even the best scenario planning could predict the economic shocks from COVID-19. Our governments have led the way and indeed have shown the same resourcefulness that personifies the small business community.

COSBOA recommends that we provide assistance to small business through 3 main streams:

  • Keep JobKeeper going for viable businesses requiring short term assistance to continue operating.

  • Provide expert support as needed to businesses that can survive but must change to continue.

  • Provide a dignified exit offering by providing support, retraining and re-skilling for business people who choose not to continue.

See the full report here.



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