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Small Business, Big Impact, FDV Leave Podcast launch

COSBOA has collaborated with Lifeline, the Department of Social Services, and other Government agencies to create a Podcast series that aims to create awareness for Small Business Employers on how to respond & provide support, if Family Domestic Violence & the associated FDV leave arise.

We are proud to announce that the podcast was launched this morning at the Australian Parliament House, with our Chair Matthew Addison, and Minister Rishworth in attendance. This initiative is part of our ongoing commitment to support small businesses in addressing important social issues and promoting a safe and inclusive work environment for our employees that face adversities such as Family Domestic Violence.

Please find below links for the published podcast on both Apple and Spotify Podcast apps:

The podcast is also available on:

  • Podchaser

  • Samsung

  • IHeartRadio

  • Sticher

  • Google Podcasts

  • Deezer (French online music streaming service)

  • Jio Saavn (Indian online music streaming

If you wish to link to a website instead of (or in addition to) the podcast apps, this is the hosting site:

If you wish to embed a media player within your website (which will allow your customers to play it directly from your website, the link for your programmers is here:

Stay tuned for more updates and valuable resources from COSBOA.



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