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An outstanding response to a confronting deadly crisis - more people working on solutions

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

COSBOA congratulates the Australian Government on the latest stimulus package for COVID combat. Its about seekers and keepers and people and business.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated “there are now hundreds of thousands of teams of people, employers and employees, around Australia working together on their futures and therefore on all our futures. This package means employers and their employees can stay connected or reconnect and focus on the business, and if business is slow, they can concentrate on building new skills, developing new products and working together as a team. This package means people can be connected whereas before they were becoming disconnected not just physically but also structurally. There are now so many more things people can do besides sit around at home and fret and worry. We can all be part of getting ready to come out of this virus driven mess."

COSBOA notes that today the Australian Government added Job Keepers Wage Subsidies worth $130B to their already announced $189B Business and Job Seekers assistance in a COVID-19 impacted economy. It is aimed to keep employers and employees connected, ready to bounce back when recovery is possible after the COVID-19 hibernation. It targets small business who have been adversely impacted and provides for their employees.

Mr Strong added “the use of the single touch payroll process gives greater certainty to employees and to the ATO that payments will be made. The great majority of small business employers will breathe a sigh of relief and in some cases will become emotional at the thought of keeping their employees engaged or re engaging those they had to let go.

We will work with the government to make this works as simply as possible.”



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