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Queensland Small Business Commissioner congratulations and farewells

Congratulations to Dominique Lamb, former CEO of the National Retail Association (NRA) on her recent appointment as Queensland’s Small Business Commissioner. We look forward to connecting with Dominique in this role on behalf of small business leaders in Queensland.

Thank you to the outgoing Commissioner, Maree Adshead for her many achievements over the past couple of years, especially through the challenging times of COVID-19 and natural disasters.

Outgoing Commissioner Maree Adshead is to be congratulated on the significant work delivered during her tenure to establish the office and provide assistance to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters.

During 2021–22, the QSBC assisted small businesses, commercial landlords and small business stakeholders on more than 2,700 occasions. This included closing 251 disputes, 138 of which received free or low-cost mediation. The QSBC resolved 64% of disputes via informal resolution or mediation, with an average processing time of 51 days – keeping small businesses out of lengthy and costly court processes.

Dominique Lamb has been appointed as Queensland’s permanent Small Business Commissioner.

Ms Lamb is the former CEO of the National Retail Association (NRA) and brings to the Commissioner role extensive experience working with the small business sector across a wide range of policy areas, including economic recovery and industrial relations.

As Queensland Small Business Commissioner, Ms Lamb and the office will continue to expand the Small Business Friendly Councils program and provide small businesses with a dedicated, central point of contact to access information, support and advice, including assistance with disputes involving a retail tenancy, small business lease or small business franchise.



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