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Dear National Cabinet - you started well, don't stuff up, keep it going

COSBOA has today, earlier, thanked the National Cabinet for the announcement of support for the community made on the morning of 22 March 2020. By the end of the day the National Cabinet showed the flaws of our federation by splintering and confusing people with their shutdown information.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated “the profound package of responses must not be forgotten under a deluge of confusing statements and various states going their own way. It’s a national crisis so a National Cabinet must be united.

We in business have to often stop and take a big breath as we confront the crisis, whether it’s a CEO of a huge business or a local butcher; we all have pressures that we must endure, decisions to be made that effect our families including employees and we all have to stop sometimes and take stock, and then do what is necessary.

Also, people in business and the community have to obey instructions from government as well as support each other in what will be hard times. Our leaders also have to respond to instructions and what we need now is a uniform message and no confusing hastily made decisions. Businesses cannot operate with confusion in the best of times and certainly not now.”

COSBOA members want to know: who has to close, who can stay open, what do employers have to do for their employees and so forth.

Peter Strong added “we are relying on the National Cabinet, so we advise their members to - support each other, do not become party political and deliver us from this crisis. We will all do our bit but we need you to show leadership.”



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