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COSBOA Submission on the Protecting Worker Entitlements Bill 2023

COSBOA seeks an approach that will consider each matter with the following perspectives:

- to ensure we have a clear understanding of what problem is being solved.

- to achieve objectives in the most effective manner

- to ensure clear understand the impact of any proposed change or new measure upon Small Business including employees

- to seek reduction in red tape and compliance burden on a Small Business

- to seek the development of the workforce,

In considering the proposed changes we seek an understanding by Government as to the typically productive, efficient and mutually beneficial relationship in small business between the employer and the workers. Small business thrive with effective workplaces. When the matters proposed in legislation are being considered we seek an impact on the processes that already exist or the additional processes that will be required.

We are also concerned that the impact of some of the matters being proposed will in fact create dysfunctional work places and create issues between employees and employers that did not exist in small business.

Full details on the submission can be downloaded at COSBOA Worker Entitlements Bill.




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