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COSBOA IR Statement 27 October 2022

COSBOA’s ultimate advocacy focus on behalf of all members is to help achieve an Industrial Relations system that is simpler and more accessible for small businesses to embrace and utilise to grow their businesses, employ more people and secure their sustainability for the future.

COSBOA looks forward to more robust discussions with government to bring further positive reform to create a modern award system for the betterment of all small business operators.

We need to modernise, simplify, and ensure the Industrial Relations and Award system is fit for purpose for our modern workplaces.

The principles we seek to see in our IR system are:

  • The need for more flexibility not more complexity.

  • Ways to make it easier and provide more practical support for small business to engage in flexible and appropriate workplaces so they can ultimately employ more people. Which is good for business, and good for the economy.

  • These forward-looking discussions SHOULD be about modernising the awards rather than adding another mechanism for negotiating “agreements”.

We are continuing to work with government for a simplification of the BOOT and are looking to understand the practical application for this.

COSBOA are seeking appropriate timelines for a quality consultation process for all legislation. In particular, for the IR Bill released on Thursday 27th October, with the high level of complexity it is crucial there is ample time to consider all and any unintended consequences for small businesses.



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