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COSBOA announce concerns

The small business community reject the intrusion of so much more complex regulation into the ability to be productive and flexible, let alone just getting on with being in business and employing more people.

The proposed changes will also increase the costs of all impacted businesses, leading to an increased cost of living.

Small business fear that these changes won’t close loopholes. No longer will an entrepreneur be encouraged to start and grow a business. Their initiative will be stifled.

Small Business seek a positive IR environment. These changes will create more conflict and lead to less small business.

For full paper, see here.

The announced proposed changes cannot be supported and should be rejected by the Parliament.

Please contact us for any further clarification or input.

Matthew Addison

Chair of the Board

M 0421 553 613; E

Luke Achterstraat

Chief Executive Officer

M 0433 644 097; E

Council of Small Business Organisations Australia (COSBOA)

For more information on defending your rights, see Fact Sheet.



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