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COSBOA acknowledges letter from the Deputy Opposition Leader, Sussan Ley

COSBOA respectfully acknowledges Deputy Opposition Leader Sussan Ley’s letter to the Board dated 29 November 2022, that cites media reports of our work and leadership.

COSBOA is focused on delivering for small businesses. We prioritise the needs of small businesses – the backbone of this country, in all we do; they are the sole reason we exist.

We have never swayed from that point of focus and have consulted widely – both publicly and privately – with many stakeholders regarding the new bill.

We have rigorously discussed with all sides of politics what all small businesses need – an IR system that is simple to understand and use, one that is fair and works for the modern small business.

Our goals were recently articulated in our Statement of Intent which describes our commitment to advocating for an IR system that is simple, clear and flexible for small businesses. Our message throughout all our consultations has consistently delivered this message.

As Alexi Boyd is currently on leave, please contact Matthew Addison, Chair COSBOA for further comment.



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