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Canberra restaurants responsibly transitioning

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Morning Glory in NewActon and the XO in Narrabundah are the inspired creations of university friends who set up together to run the businesses: Greg Lally and Kent Nhan, joined by Anand Ramakrishna and Elliot Gotovac. Each have different interests and all of them have found ways to keep going through COVID-19.

It hasn’t been easy; however, with understanding landlords and a flexible attitude, they are serving food and providing a safe environment for people during COVID-19. They’ve moved from being fine dining to delivery. Kent said “Taking food to the door keeps us sane, provides safe social interaction and keeps our community of customers and staff together. We’ve worked with the ACT Government, who have been good, to understand and mediate risks.”

Kent said the business was cautious about making decisions and that this isn’t a time to be irrational. He said the latest government wage subsidies for job keepers would help, and they’ve been working with their accountants to take advantage of the government’s assistance.



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