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The complications of the Cadbury decision can cause workers and businesses to lose out.

The Cadbury decision potentially changes many things.

Here is yet another example of workplace relations being too complicated and too fraught with unpredictable costs increases that can cripple a business.

So with this decision we have on one hand a person who constantly works extra hours so we can understand that when they are sick that their pay drops and they see that as unfair.

The other issue is that the business would have to consider the extra costs. The business already pay extra for the penalty rates and so have costed that into their financial plan. Now they have extra costs for sick leave, in this case it appears to be a 50% rise in the costs of leave.

That is a substantial increase and will need to be absorbed or passed onto customers. Not even a big business can absorb that increase in costs.

The other option is to not offer overtime to employees and employ more workers including casual and part time workers.

Let’s see how this pans out but the outcome may not be what either businesses or workers want. Both could be out of pocket.

Complexity and confusion often fails everybody except for the remote trouble makers and ideologues.

Some things seem sweet at the time, like chocolate perhaps, but then with too much comes an upset stomach and unintended consequences.

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