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Bridges built for a better energy future

COSBOA has released a communique from the “Small Business Energy Summit” held in Melbourne earlier this week on 20 March 2019.

The summit was attended by small business people as well as stakeholders from the COSBOA membership, the Australian Energy Council, Energy Consumers Australia, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman and experts from the sector. The summit was also addressed by the Federal Minister for Energy, the Hon. Angus Taylor MP; the Shadow Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Mr Pat Conroy MP, and the Deputy Leader of The Australian Greens, Mr Adam Bandt MP.

The main outcome of the day was agreement that we all have to work together to confront the energy crisis and that a piecemeal approach or antagonistic dialogue will not identify and resolve problems.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated "the summit was held to confront the issues of energy supply and costs and associated business and economic risks. We met, as members of the business community, to advance dialogue and find ways to work together and develop better futures. We needed to agree on what exactly are the problems and issues; and then, together, confront and resolve these problems.

The agreement to work together may seem a trite or obvious outcome but given the failures of governments throughout the last 30 years in developing good policy for energy it is more important than ever that we in the business community work together. Business and energy producers arguing separately over who is at fault or what is the best solution is not productive. The summit was the first time we have come together to confront the energy conundrum and will not be the last. It is big and small businesses leading the way on making sure our economy can continue to be world class; and access to reliable, affordable energy with responsible environmental management are key issues for our future.”

Mr Strong added “The event was made possible with sponsorship from the ASBFEO, Energy Consumers Australia, and AGL and we appreciate that support. We have to work together even more than ever if we are to maintain our high standards of living. The extremes of left and right economic and environmental politics are the enemy of good management. While the major political parties grapple with their extremes we will grapple with reality.”

See our communique here.

Angus Taylor, Rosemary Sinclair, Peter Strong, Pat Conroy, and Mark McKenzie.

Angus Taylor, federal Minister for Energy. LNP.

Pat Conroy, Shadow Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy. ALP.

Adam Bandt, Member for Melbourne, The Australian Greens.

Fleur Anderson, 89 Degrees East.

Mark McKenzie, Chairman of COSBOA.

Rosemary Sinclair, Energy Consumers Australia.

Sarah McNamara, Australian Energy Council.

Kelly Parkinson, AGL.

John O'Brien, Deloitte.

Robert Mallet (Tasmanian Small Business Council), Robert Constable (AMIC), and Max Haas (MGA).

Robert Mallet, Peter Strong, and Max Haas.

Craig Latham, ASBFEO.

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