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COSBOA Welcomes Extension of Instant Tax Write Off

COSBOA is pleased, and relieved, to see the instant tax write off extended to 30 June 2019 as per the budget.

Peter Strong said today “it is important that this measure is continued. We in business may be at times demanding when we ask for more support and better breaks, therefore we must acknowledge that having the capacity to instantly write off a $20k expenditure, as often as we can, is a great measure and greatly appreciated.”

COSBOA knows that value of cash flow and agility to a small business and this tax measure is a key positive contributor to our sector.

Peter Strong added “this provision is well used by the small business communmity. It provides the opportrunity for businesses to plan better for their future and access needed assets much more quickly, when needed, including equipment that will help our businesses thrive and help employ more people. We know there is more to come from the Morrison Government wth support and motivation for small business people and we look forward to further conversations and similar announcements.”

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