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COSBOA CEO to work with Tony Shepherd and Menzies Research Centre on Australia's future.

COSBOA CEO Peter Strong is part of the team of key review panel with Tony Shepherd and the Menzies Research Centre to get things moving in our economy. The review will be charged with finding better ways to measure the effectiveness of government programs and examine the overlap between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories.

The following principles will be applied throughout this process:

  1. A strong economy is the basis of a just society.

  2. Governments must live within their means and ensure each generation passes on a better country and in good times the country builds reserves to meet the inevitable global and domestic shocks.

  3. Governments have a sacred obligation to the taxpayer to ensure every cent is spent wisely, malady efficiently and effectively and publicly accounted for.

  4. Those people and businesses who can look after themselves should do so.

  5. A just society focuses its support on the most vulnerable.

Watch this space because we need your input. See here for further information.

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