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The effect of the effects test will effectively be a more effective market place for consumers

COSBOA is very pleased to see the passing of changes to Section 46 of the Competition and Consumer Act.

Peter Strong CEO of COSBOA stated “this is a game changer for small business people. The message is loud and clear from the government – we see you and we know that competition must be fairer and more transparent. When small business is more confident then we know the economy, jobs and health has more chance. Well done as an effects test can only have a positive effect."

Mr Strong continued “we also must acknowledge the hard work of those from The Nationals and the great support from the Greens. It seems the only people who don’t like the effects test, who don’t like transparency, are the ALP whose competition policies are driven by the retail union, the SDA, who can only pursue their need for more members through dodgy agreements made with our biggest businesses. This is not the businesses fault, this is the greed of the unions taking advantage of their place in the union movement.”

COSBOA knows that it must be noted that the SDA union not only wants no fairness in competition but have also arranged for hundreds of thousands of Sunday workers to have their wages lowered to below award levels to subsidise their union members who work during the week. This is being investigated now as part of a Senate Inquiry.

Mr Strong added “we look forward to more changes as we move toward the next election."

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