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Energy crisis confronted with action not emotions - finally.

COSBOA today congratulated the Turnbull government for taking action to confront the energy crisis. The announcement by Josh Frydenberg, Minister for the Environment and Energy, to scrap the Limited Merits Review process and set the Finkel Review into action is welcomed and will inhibit prices rises and create downwards pressure on current prices.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA stated today “we know that the small business community, indeed the whole community is facing increasing energy costs of such measure that jobs, welfare and the economy are threatened. We needed immediate decisions to be made that send the right message to business people. This has now happened and in the face of continued emotional responses from both extremes of the climate and power debate – well done to the government and the Minister.”

COSBOA recommends that these decisions continue to be made and that the message remains loud and clear that the energy crisis will be confronted. When facing a crisis a good business will start its own plan to manage change. We need this example from our law makers and from our policy experts – quality examples on managing change, on making hard decisions and bringing people with them on the journey.

Mr Strong added “change management in time of crisis is about tough decisions, quality communications and action for those most affected. It isn’t about ideology except for the most basic ideology around fairness, a better future and truth.”

COSBOA understands that the future of the environment rests with more efficient and cleaner energy production. That can be achieved but the change must be manageable. If that means a new power station in northern Queensland then that must be done as part of the process. Crisis demands action not panic and indecision.

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