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Penalty rate decision provides balance for small business on Sundays

COSBOA is pleased to see the creation of equity for employees and employers on Sundays with today’s ruling from the

Fair Work Commission on lowering penalty rates.

COSBOA CEO, search Peter Strong commented: “This is a good for community, dosage good for small business, approved and good for those seeking work on Sundays.”

He noted that 80% of Sunday workers will not see a change, as the majority of Sunday workers are employed by big business and franchises, who have implemented enterprise agreements with the unions that already have staff working for lower rates.

He also highlighted that COSBOA is disappointed by the union movement, who he feels have been promoting “false figures” on the number of workers likely to be affected by this decision.

“They know that the great majority of Sunday workers are already on low rates. They know, as the largest union in Australia, the SDA, negotiated the agreements in the first place.”

Peter Strong emphasised the importance of the transition arrangements for the few people that are on higher rates; stating “They need to be looked after. COSBOA is very keen to work with the Fair Work Ombudsman to ensure that this happens.”

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