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How fast is the internet? As fast as promised? Now we’ll know.

COSBOA welcomes the proposal for an internet speed monitoring program managed by the ACCC.

Peter Strong, shop CEO of COSBOA, more about said today ‘we need certainty in business if we are to invest, employ and turn part time and casual work into full time jobs. In the modern world certainty comes from our telecommunications and in particular access to the internet and the speed of the internet. We are hearing from too many members and seeing complaints from the general consumer that speed offered by ISPs, particularly following NBN changes, are not what is delivered. This has got to change. For the better.”

COSBOA’s members know the importance of communications to the economy and to the general community. We also know it is more than communicating between people and businesses it is also about the passing of data and the access to data and information that people of all ages and social sectors need. It’s about health, homework, gaming, higher education, manufacturing and the list is endless.

Peter Strong added ‘we certainly congratulate the Chairman of the ACCC Rod Sims for this initiative and in particular highlight the role of ACCAN, and its CEO Teresa Corbin, in getting a better focus on speed and access for society. The message to government is to support the ACCC with this issue as the reward will come from higher productivity and more tax revenue. Excellent.”

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