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Workplace relations must be a place without threats or uncertainty - ABCC

COSBOA welcomes the proposed changes to the ABCC and congratulates Senator Hinch on his decision to support the changes that will make a real difference.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, said today ‘we need certainty in business if we are to invest, employ and turn part time and casual work into full time jobs. Sub Contractors in the construction industry also need to know they can get work and do their job free of unheralded and unwanted harassment and artificial barriers.'

COSBOA knows the importance of construction to other sectors of the economy and the business community. Retail, real estate, property lending, general manufacturing even hospitality and tourism all depend on the construction sector for momentum and confidence. If employers large and small can plan and function in an environment with certainty and less fear then the economy will also benefit.

Perter Strong added ‘we certainly congratulate Senator HInch for gathering the extra information needed to inform his decision and also thank Nick Xenophon, Senator Leyjonholm and Pauline Hanson and her team for support for an essential change that allows for faster problem solving and less stress for all individuals involved.

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