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Small and family businesses are at the centre of our communities and help our economy thrive. In Australia more than 2 million small businesses employ over 4.7 million people. Small businesses create jobs, support local sports groups, donate to charities, give to the diggers, bolster regional areas and take pride of place in our community and in our society.

We all need regulations. Employers, employees, public servants, unions, politicians, regulators themselves, the medical profession, the media and small business. Sadly about 5% of any group can't be trusted.


BUT overly complex policy is restricting small business. A one policy fits all model does NOT work for small business.


So let’s ask the government to remove complexity and create new and sensible policies that work for small business.


Because if you’re Fair to Small Business, it’s Good for Everyone.

  • Good for workers

  • Good for the economy

  • Good for the community

  • Good for small business people

  • Good for everyone


You’re invited to become part of the campaign, support COSBOA and help us ask our future political leaders for Sensible Policies.


Policies that FREE small business people to get back to business.


Because if you’re Fair to Small Business, it’s Good for Everyone






How can you help?




  1. POST and SHARE the campaign to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  2. DOWNLOAD and USE the Fair to Small Business, Good 4 Everyone campaign graphics. You can click and save the graphics below or click here to download all the campaign materials.

  3. HASHTAG and tell the Government what want for small business in the next election.


COSBOA fairtosmallbiz small red graphic.
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COSBOA are actively lobbying the Government via our social voice. Like, connect, comment and share the posts from COSBOA’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Join the conversation today!

Why do we need to remove complexity?


What would happen if small independent businesses like hairdressers, butchers, bakeries, florists, pharmacists, accountants, bookshops, doctors, grocers, cafes & newsagents disappeared? Would there still be a diverse small business culture in Australia?


If our Government doesn’t remove complexity and create #SensiblePolicies – then small businesses could start to close. Small business people are getting choked on administration, compliance, paperwork, complex policy and process. We need to help small businesses get back to basics – the businesses they run!

Here’s a snap shot example of the many complexities a small business person has to complete.


  • OH&S

  • Workers Compensation

  • Parental Leave Requirements

  • Disability access

  • Award system

  • Power Balance

  • Equal Opportunities


  • GST/Input Credits

  • Company Tax ----- ATO

  • PAYG

  • Registration ----- ASIC

  • Payroll Tax ----- States

  • Workcover ------ Insurer

  • Wages ----- Multiple Employees

  • Superannuation ----- Multiple Super Firms

  • Salary Sacrifice ----- Multiple Super Firms


  • Public Relations and Marketing

  • Contracts and Torts

  • Ongoing Education

  • Cashflow Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Changing Technology

  • Procedures and Processes

  • Research & Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Franchise Rules


  • Import/Export Rules

  • Building Codes

  • Parking Rules

  • Food Laws

  • Manufacturing Standards

  • Food Handling

  • Licencing

  • Local Govt Signature Rules

  • Customs and Excise

And here’s only some of the activities small businesses must undertake.


GST, FBT, Differing tax rates, CGT, PAYG (or is it PAYE?), fuel tax, payroll tax, company tax, income tax, tax thresholds. 



Register with various different funds, register with clearing house, use super-stream, use single touch payroll, seek fund information from employees.



Develop training program, lodge program, recruitment, contracts, RTO agreement, registrations, structured training, audit, OH&S, processes becoming costlier and more complex.



Award knowledge, pay rates, leave arrangements, paid parental leave, domestic violence leave, sick leave, bereavement leave, holiday pay, public holidays, workers compensation, PAYG, allowances, loadings, Enterprise Agreements, unions, Fair Work Ombudsman, Fair Work Commission.

Access to finance

Applying for a business loan has become more difficult as a result of the Royal Commission into Banking and Superannuation. Basically, a bank will only lend money to a small business if they have assets to support the loan and are already wildly successful. To the point where they probably don’t need a loan.



A coffee shop needs 43 licences to set up in NSW! Enough said!


Contractor Definition

There are many!


Local Business Rules     

Signage – size and position, health inspectors, fire regulations, patronage limits, parking rules, constant changes, planning laws, attitude of petty officials, local construction, car park changes without notice.



Shadow regulators! For barcodes - GS1; to play music – APRA AMCOS & PPCA; for packaging – Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation APCO.



Remove complexity and create sensible policies for small business.

What do we need from our Government?

  • A responsible transparent government – federal, state and local.

  • A healthy competitive, sustainable economy.

  • Access to business finance.

  • Ethical businesses, fair workplaces and good productivity.

  • Affordable energy and effective environmental management.

  • Efficient, affordable utilities for water, power and waste management.

  • A fair, secure and safe community.

  • World class regulators who engage with stakeholders.

  • Modern infrastructure for ease of transport and travel as well as ease of trade.

  • An accessible world class education and vocational training system.

  • Government policies driven by reality not just ideology.



Join COSBOA and ask our future political leaders for Sensible Politics!


Because if you’re Fair to Small Business


It’s Good for Everyone


#SmallBiz4Everyone #SensiblePolicies

Authorised by Peter Strong, CEO, COSBOA, Canberra.

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