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Education & Training

Education and Training is a key pillar in the COSBOA Cyber Security Package. Understanding cyber security is becoming an increasingly important aspect of operating or working in a small business in the 21st century. COSBOA is committed to helping small business owners and their staff across Australia to understand cyber security risks.


COSBOA, in conjunction with leading Cyber Security experts. has developed an education and training program and a multiple choice online test, to help increase awareness of risks and develop an understanding of how to prevent attacks. PARTICIPATION IN COMPLETING THE TEST IS FREE with individuals achieving over 75% correct answers who are members of a COSBOA Industry Association receiving a Certificate of Cyber Awareness.


We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Alistair MacGibbon, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Cyber Security, Adjunct Professor Nigel Phair, Centre for Internet Safety – University of Canberra, Professor Craig Valli Director, ECU Security Research Institute, technical assistance with this program, and Domini Stewart, Author & Journalist for assistance with Beta Testing and feedback for the Cyber Security Awareness Test.


Please call our Office on 02 9431 8646 if you are not a member of a COSBOA Industry Association but would like to take the test and receive a Certificate of Cyber Awareness.​


Learn about Cyber Security & Take the Test

To help prepare you and your staff to manage risks, we have developed the following presentations. Click each picture below to view a PowerPoint presentation in PDF format that will help to develop your understanding.


The first two provide a brief overview of Cyber Security and Cyber Attacks. The third PDF provides more detailed information on protecting your small business. COSBOA also recommends you review other documents linked below to develop your knowledge of cyber security.


Ready to take your free Cyber Security Test?

Click below.

In addition to the COSBOA Cyber Security Presentations above, the following links will help develop your understanding of cyber security.


Stay Smart Online – Small Business Guide (Australian Cyber Security Centre)


Cyber security – it’s not just about technology (KMPG 2014)


Top Cyber Security Tips for Small Business PDF (Computer Emergency Response Team [CERT] Australia)


Small Business Cyber Security Practical Guide PDF (Kaspersky Lab)


Cyber Security: A Small Business Guide (Business News Daily)


The Three B’s of Cyber Security for Small Business (The Conversation)


Some media articles that may be of interest


Small business risks being left behind in Australia’s virtuous cyber security plans – Australian Financial Review


Small business most vulnerable to cyber attack – Australian Financial Review


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