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Common statements used to justify demands on small business people

When you go into business that’s what you sign up to….

When you go into business you know what you are getting into….

If you can’t do it, you shouldn’t be in business….

It’ll only take five minutes….

How hard is it?

It’s their own fault if they fail….

Business is hard, suck it up….

Small business people need to become better managers….

Small business people need to do as they are told….

It’s easy, all you have to do is ….

If a small business falls over its OK as there will be another one to take its place....

(this statement was made by a person who claimed to represent small business)

Small business need to become better at (Insert issue from list below*).

*Hiring staff, firing staff, accessing finance, dealing with theft, managing staff, contacting customers, managing their own health, managing recalcitrant employees, managing a website, using technology, paying superannuation, cashflow management, paying tax, accessing the right accountant - the list is endless. 

Normally the people who make these statements have no idea but want to either make money from small business people or to introduce new legislative demands.

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