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Future Proofing Energy Bills for Small Business







Are rising energy costs hurting your business?

  • Many Australian businesses are grappling with bill shock -- unpredictable jumps in energy bills -- that badly affect their bottom line.

  • Some businesses have had to let staff go just to pay their electricity and gas costs.

  • Others have no way of passing on energy price rises to their customers, so end up getting squeezed.


We’re here to help protect your business from energy price shocks and advocate on your behalf around the impact of energy costs

  • COSBOA ran a national survey to collect evidence on how energy costs impact small business, and developing industry-specific case studies to show the real-life and bottom line impact.

  • We’ll use the results to advocate for policy and regulatory changes, and develop simple tools, with industry-specific tips and info, to help you reduce your energy costs.


The final report is now available here:
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