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For workers' compensation insurance


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The difference between states is confusing and dangerous.

A small business (perhaps one that is growing) that does some work in another jurisdiction is confronted with a myriad of problems when trying to get workers compensation cover and understanding the different rules between state and territories. A business could easily make a mistake and not be covered. Larger businesses will need a special team to manage the complexity.

Here is an example of the complexity and the confusing situation businesses need to manage.

Rules related to travel to work and between workplaces

Workers' comp table.PNG

A journey claim can include journeys between:

  • A worker’s home and workplace;

  • A worker’s workplace and a place of trade or training which is required to attend for work; 

  • A worker’s workplace and a medical or rehabilitation appointment; or 

  • A worker’s employment with one employer and employment with another employer.

an injury sustained while on a “journey” may not be covered if:

  • A worker’s were driving while intoxicated or recklessly;

  • The accident was caused because you broke road rules;

  • A worker’s started your journey after a significant delay or deviation from your normal route; or

  • A worker’s have not left the boundaries of your home.

As clear as mud.

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