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The IR Bill that keeps getting complicated

The Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (COSBOA) says another raft of amendments to the Secure Jobs Better Pay Bill have been hurriedly constructed and tabled, without sufficient time for analysis, proper explanation and an understanding of their impact.


Chair of COSBOA, Matthew Addison, said that while marginal progress has been made in some provisions, these fundamental massive changes to our IR system must be properly considered.


“Awards are the safety net for employment and minimum wage with a long-developed system.  Why aren't we talking about using the Awards to simplify workplaces, provide flexibility and increase productivity?  Small business are seeking flexibility and improved productivity including to employ more people.


“Instead, we appear to have more and more complexity being added which will result in less engagement by Business,” said Addison. Small business are even more concerned about the consequences of what is now being proposed says COSBOA.  A main concern is that the new Bill will be an impediment to employment as small business will now think twice before hiring their next employee due to the unknown consequences of an even more complex system.


“The purposes that the Government is seeking to achieve should be brought to the surface, the proposals in the Bill re-evaluated with sufficient time and debate.  The Bill and now all the amendments need to be properly reviewed and considered to achieve a better IR system for small business.


“The small business definition of 20 headcount is not reflective of a modern small business.

We seek certainty about many definitions and processes raised in this Bill. This Bill should not be rushed through,” said Addison.



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