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Not for States to determine who should close and who should open - COSBOA

COSBOA notes that State/Territory Governments have the unenviable position of grappling with managing community health risk while simultaneously minimising economic and social harm.

When it all comes down to it, the health of our population must take precedence. We also acknowledge the assistance that has been provided by Australian Governments to help small business in the face of an inevitable decrease in revenues that are likely to be associated with an increase in social distancing measures over time

COSBOA believes that State/Territory Governments should set the health performance measures that workplaces must put in place to protect their staff and/or customers from contagion – as opposed to “picking winners and losers” via unilateral decisions about which businesses should close and which should remain open.

It is the responsibility of businesses to work out how best to meet these health performance measures. Compliance with these performance measures can be readily enforced by State/Territory WorkSafe regulators, possibly in combination with other State Government and Local Government inspectors.

COSBOA believes that businesses – regardless of the sector in which they operate – should be allowed to operate where they can demonstrate compliance with increasing social distancing requirements that are set by government.

Businesses are in control of their workplace – whether customer facing or otherwise - and are therefore best placed to determine how they can operate their business in a manner that meets the required health performance measures. Regulatory action should be taken against businesses that fail to adhere to these increasing requirements.



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