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Focus on manufacturing welcome

COSBOA is pleased by the focus today on manufacturing in the Prime Minister’s National Press Club speech.

Peter strong, CEO of COSBOA, noted today “the manufacturing sector has actually survived, over the decades, in various forms in spite of the negative impact of laissez-faire economists and their ‘do nothing quickly’ approach to the economy and to crises. But it can be bigger and more productive if given the chance.”

COSBOA believes, on what we have seen, that we can once again focus on value adding to our raw materials including agricultural products and minerals particularly. This will eventually impact on hundreds of thousands of small businesses and potentially create the same number of jobs.

Mr Strong added "let’s see what else the budget brings next week but so far we have been more than pleased with the announcements and the on-going focus on the engine room of the economy and the stitches that hold together the very fabric of communities.”

Mr Strong also added “we congratulate the relevant Minister responsible, the Hon Karen Andrews. This plan is about the future and about confronting the economic crisis of a life time.”



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