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COSBOA welcomes new ministers for small business and industrial relations

COSBOA today notes the Federal Cabinet reshuffle and change in the small business portfolio.

COSBOA CEO Peter Strong said "congratulations to Stuart Robert on his appointment as Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business. I note that Mr Robert has experience owning and operating a business, which should provide good insight into the needs and wants of small business people. COSBOA looks forward to working with him and his office to get the best outcomes for small business people."

Mr Strong added "COSBOA would also like to congratulate Michaelia Cash on her appointment as Attorney General and Minister for Industrial Relations. We think Senator Cash has done a fantastic job as Small Business Minister. Of course, reforming the IR system is still an essential part of making it easier for small business owners to employ people and run their businesses, so we will continue working hard with Senator Cash in the new role to achieve what is best for small business employers and their employees."



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