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COSBOA and Square release the first quarterly Small Business Data Report

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

COSBOA has traditionally been recognised for its ability to draw on anecdotal evidence from its base of 45+ industry associations in its conversations with media, governments, and regulators. Now that anecdotal evidence of small business sentiments and struggles will be supported with real and up-to-date data, representing an exciting new chapter for the nation’s peak body for small businesses.

This report will be the first in a quarterly series that aims to provide a unique insight into the reality of small businesses. The series leverages data and analytics from our report partner, Square, as well as numerous existing data-sets that incorporates the experience of hundreds of thousands of small businesses from across Australia.

All too often we hear politicians and government departments discuss macroeconomic figures such as unemployment rates, new ABNs, and sentiment surveys; figures which include big business data. There is recognition among data providers that there is insufficient information to reflect what small businesses – and the broader community – are seeing on the ground.

With this series we endeavour to offer an additional perspective to be considered by bureaucrats, and to challenge some of the macroeconomic data that is often too heavily relied upon to make policy decisions.

The purpose of this quarter’s report is to highlight the number one issue facing small businesses at the moment – workforce shortages. It is an issue that has been raised by COSBOA members for many months now. Click here to download the full report.



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