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Bushfire recovery support welcomed, NEG needed

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Media - Tuesday 7 January 2020

Relief for fire affected areas comprehensive and welcome, now is also time for the NEG

COSBOA today welcomed the announcement by the Prime Minister of the comprehensive relief package for support of recovery in fire affected communities across Australia.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated today “a package of 2 billion dollars is not petty cash and the Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said there is more to come. There is a focus on all parts of the community from individuals to businesses to mortgage owners and others. A welcome comprehensive package for a disaster of such magnitude.”

COSBOA knows the best way to spend this money is by involving locals. Ensuring communications are of the highest order and dealing with the issues of heartbreak, as well as taking advantage of the resilience and the individual capacity to bounce back that is represented by the individuals in these communities.

Mr Strong added “the Prime Minister talked of the importance of focusing on mental health issues for the fire fighters, the affected individuals and their families and we commend him for that focus. The next few months, and years, can be a very difficult timed as people respond to crisis in their lives. COSBOA and its members are ready to assist where necessary.”

Mr Strong further stated “we also acknowledge the announcement by big business and the Business Council of Australia, for the support they will provide to these communities. I have spoken with Jennifer Westacott the CEO of the Business Council, and we will work together, with people and communities, on rebuilding. It also very much worth mentioning the amazing outcomes of the fund raiser organised by Celeste Barber. Community is best in times of need.”

Mr Strong however stressed “we need to build confidence in the future through other decisions. One way of focusing on the future is by implementing the National Energy Guarantee that has received support in the past from all parts of the business community and the energy sector. The NEG was destroyed by underhanded political machinations of a very few climate deniers in the coalition. Now that they are discredited the parliament can pass the bill and action can take place on the energy front. In the end everything is connected - the need for immediate action and the need for establishing faith in the future."



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