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A plan to adapt for change - an excellent plan.

We have a plan to adapt to climate change – let’s use it.

We need the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework implemented now.

COSBOA congratulates the government on its on-going response to the bushfire crisis. We also congratulate them on the comprehensive framework that has been developed to reduce risk of disasters and their impact on Australia, disasters made worse and magnified by the changing global climate.


In 50 years time will the people of Australia say “gee those people in the 2020s really overreacted to those huge fires and a bad drought and the so called climate change – what weirdos! It was all just normal. Lol.”

Or will they say “Why didn’t the people of the early 2000s do something to help us adapt to the changes in the climate? There isn’t enough water or energy or timber, and we have to ration electricity, why didn’t they do something? All the deniers are dead now but I suppose they died happy thinking they were right. Lol.”

The worse case scenario is of course the second quote. If we do something and find it was unnecessary we have wasted time and effort. If we do nothing and find that the majority of people and scientists were right then we have failed. Risk is there to be managed not ignored. It’s time for adaptation not stagnation.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated “this framework is high quality. I and many of our members have broad experience and expertise in developing plans for restructuring and for managing major change. This framework is exactly what is needed and the designers must be congratulated. So, the question is when will we start the process? Tomorrow seems a perfect time.”

Mr Strong added “we have seen the government respond heroically to the crisis with at least $2b in immediate extra support for communities; we have seen the ADF mobilised to provide the support desperately needed; and we have seen provision made for managing the mental health impacts now and into the future. Now we see there is a plan to make sure that climate change is confronted.

It is also important that people know what is happening, that the government is all action. We must actively support the Prime Minister. We can and will come up with new ideas for managing the situation now and into the near and far future and Minister Littleproud and his office have been in constant contact seeking ideas and advice on small business issues. They are listening.”

Let's manage, adapt and cooperate instead of complain and blame.

See comments from our Chairman and our policy needs for 2020+

See the outcomes of an urgent meeting of members held to discuss our recommendations for managing the impact of the current fires – the meeting was held on Thursday 9 January.



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