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Time to Pass the Tax Cuts and Focus on Energy

COSBOA today called on all sides of politics to pass the tax cuts as proposed in the budget and then get on with fixing the energy problem in Australian communities.

Peter Strong, CEO of COSBOA, stated today “the election is done and dusted. Tax was a major part of the campaign, the coalition won, and so we need to get the tax legislation through ASAP. To dilly dally and play politics only sends a confusing message to the consumer and the business community. Confusion creates doubt and doubt decreases confidence. Our economy is still strong but there are signs of weakening and that must be confronted by passing the tax cuts, increasing consumer confidence, and then confronting the real issue of high energy costs.”

COSBOA members know the importance of confidence for an on-going, healthy business community. Members also know that the cost of energy must be addressed urgently.

Mr Strong added “energy remains one of the most pressing issues for both consumers and business people. There are people struggling to afford to heat their homes and businesses and this must be fixed. During a cold winter this is an essential service and a matter for public health. More people die of the cold in Australian than in Sweden. We welcome the current attention on the issue of domestic gas supply from Senator Rex Patrick and hope once the tax legislation is through that he will be supported in his campaign.”

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